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Scarborough CateringSpecial events such as your wedding, birthday, anniversary or even business lunches need Scarborough catering food one way or another to feed your guests. There are many many ways you can keep your guests happy and choosing the right foods for your event is one of them.

This article will describe the many ways you can entertain your friends with food at you next Scarborough catering occasion. We will talk about the types of foods you can have at say a party for group of 18 year olds or an anniversary for your aunty and uncle who are retired. The quantity of foods you serve are also important so we will break this down so you can make an informative choice.

Foods you should choose for your Scarborough Catering Event

If you are catering for a group of 18 year olds then the choice of foods are important. There would be no point serving up a salmon and cream cheese flan baked in a french shortcrust pastry when you know that they would turn their nose up at any such thing. So stick to the old favorites like party sausage rolls, open sandwiches, pork pies, cheese and fruit on cocktail sticks, pizza slices and for a dessert you could serve gateaux and cheesecakes. As the majority of friends at an 18 years old party would be over eighteen then they will be drinking, and experimenting with drink during the night. so to keep the balance right between drink and food it is best to serve easy recognisable foods that they will happily eat until the cows come home. That way they will go back tho the buffet table to get more throughout the night.

Balance the drink with the food

Drinking on an empty stomach is not good as we all know so offering foods they will eat is the best option here. On the other side of the coin so to speak, if your event is for your 40th anniversary then you will probably have the older generation there. Your friends and family will not be doing so much drinking like the younger group so give them something unusual to try on the buffet. This will become a talking point of the evening and for many days or weeks afterwards. Try serving val-au-vents with two or three different fillings like prawn in Marie rose sauce, sliced chicken fillets with wild mushrooms, ricotta cheese and spinach. Your friends and family will appreciate the extra effort made to give their taste buds a lift. At 5point catering we can make you a menu that will be great for keeping your guests happy and talking throughout the evening.

Lots of food for your next Scarborough Catering event

The amount of fair catering food you need for a teenagers party compared to a funeral can vary quite a lot. Lets take the funeral catering needs first. A funeral is going to need foods that are not over fussy and the quantity does not have to be excessive. People who go to funeral do so out of respect for the family and would not expect large amounts of catering food to be available. A couple of sandwiches and maybe a slice of pork pie is going to be enough for anyone at the event. More often than not the gathering after the funeral would be at your own home. The groups are usually a lot smaller as some may go straight home after the funeral. Talking and discussing the the deceased is usually high on the agenda and food is secondary and only an offering for the guests. Some of the guests may be from far away and have travelled on the day, so would be grateful for a sandwich before heading back.

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