Finger Buffet Menus

“Flexible Buffet Menus To Suit All Tastes. Attractive Presentation, Delighted Guests”

Finger Buffet Cater in Scarborough
What is a finger buffet you may ask? 5Point Catering uses the term finger buffet for a series of small freshly prepared food items that can be eaten with your fingers.

Finger buffet foods are easy for your guests to pick up, place onto a plate and then eat without the use of any cutlery. Finger buffets are great for parties where there are not enough seating and tables for your guests to sit down and use a knife and fork.

Examples of finger buffet foods can be small slices of home made quiche, sausage rolls, triangular cut sandwiches, vol-au-vents, chicken wings, chicken satay, mini savoury filled croissants and many more small food items.

Click here to Download Finger Buffet Menus for 2012

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